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We specialize in hydronics heating solutions. Snow melt systems and radiant floor heating.


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We work in Southern Ontario, From Windsor to North Bay, from Niagara to Kingston. Most of our jobs are in the GTA Toronto.

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We have been in the plumbing and hydronic radiant heating business as installers since 1984. Our group of certified plumbers and hydronic heating specialists will make sure your projects are completed on time and on budget.

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General Plumbing

Commercial and residential new home construction plumbers in the GTA. Using industry standard practices with cutting edge materials to provide quality services.

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We provide complete plumbing and hydronic heating solutions for new home construction, commercial or renovation projects.

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New home plumbing is our specialty. Commercial, residential construction, custom and subdivision homes.


General plumbing contractor, commercial and residential custom homes and subdivisions.

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Radiant floor heating means no more shoes or socks needed in the home. Your toes will never be cold again.Caption text

Radiant Floor Heating

Radiant floor heating in Toronto. Basements, upper floors, shops and garages. Retrofits during a renovation and new build floor heating integration. No more cold feet.

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With hydronic radiant snow melt there is no more shoveling. No more slip and fall and back pain in the winter.

Snow Melt Systems

Hydronic radiant heated driveways, porches and steps installation in Toronto and area. Snow melt systems installation and service. No more slipping and falling, no more snow shoveling. Fully automated snow melt setups done professionally.


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When we do a job we warrant it fully. No surprises or excuses.

Detailed quotes mean no misunderstanding

When we quote for a job we give a complete detail of what parts, supplies and work you are getting. No confusion about what is included and what is extra if any. If it is not in the quote it is not part of the contract.

Laser sharp focus on you

When we work for you, you are in charge. We will work around your schedule and make sure you meet all your deadlines.

Proffesional and responsible

The buck stops here. We plan it out so that there is no need to fix it later. We don’t react, we anticipate.


Come and see what we are up to.

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Complete Boiler Room Overhaul in Kleinburg

May 21, 2019

Complete Boiler Room Overhaul in Kleinburg We have been contracted to overhaul a botched up installation of a radiant floor heating and air handler system in Kleinburg. The original installation 3 years ago was done in such a poor way that nothing from the hydronics could be salvaged. Luckily the two NTI boilers and the […]

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Whole House Radiant Floor Heating with a Pool Heater in Oakville.

May 20, 2019

Whole House Radiant Floor Heating with a Pool Heater in Oakville. We have completed for the most part this project for the Stone Shore Group in Oakville. This home is a prime example of how whole house radiant floor heating and cooling can work without the need for any ducts. This stunning modern home has […]

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Pipecon Plumbing Inc. is a leading provider of plumbing and hydronic heating services in the GTA. Specializing in new home construction, hydronic radiant heating and snow melt system systems.